Intelligent three-dimensional warehouse
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Intelligent three-dimensional warehouse

product parameters: The intelligent vertical storage system can be controlled by computer system to complete the automatic storage of unit goods
Product Detail
Details of ltck-00 intelligent stereo warehouse:
The system can be transformed and upgraded on the basis of existing warehouse and operate independently, and can also be connected with packaging production line.
System composition
Transfer and storage of goods - high shelves and pallets, containers.
Operation equipment in and out of warehouse -- stacker.
In-and-out distribution system -- roller, chain conveyor, distribution truck, elevator, etc.
WCS control system -- including computerized entry and exit equipment, distribution system and all electronic devices of various testing and insurance institutions.
WMS warehouse management system - warehouse account management, data analysis, reasonable management of cargo space, equipment operation and inventory status display. Automatic intelligent stereo storage, also known as intelligent stereo storage, is the use of automatic storage equipment and computer management system to achieve the cooperation of high-level rationalization of the three-dimensional warehouse, access automation, and simple operation. The automatic storage is mainly composed of shelf, lane-type stacking crane (stacker), working platform of the inbound (outbound) warehouse, dispatching control system and management system. Combination of different types of warehouse management software, graphical monitoring and scheduling software, bar code identification tracking system, handling robot, AGV car, goods sorting system, stacker to recognize address system, stacker control system, position sensors, etc., which can realize single machine manual, single machine automatic stereoscopic warehouse, on line control, network control and so on a variety of stereoscopic warehouse operation mode, realized the automatic stereoscopic warehouse goods storage, access, standardized management, can greatly reduce the storage and transportation costs, reduce labor intensity, improve warehouse space utilization.