Three-in-one filling machine
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Three-in-one filling machine

product parameters: The system fully considers the characteristics of beverage products (such as tea beverage and mixed fruit juice beverage easy foaming) and the main technical requirements of hot filling.
Product Detail
Rxgfd14-12-5 three-in-one filling machine details:
Applicable to the product
Juice, tea drinks, energy drinks, etc
Technical characteristics
Full filling prevents collapse of bottle after cooling, and zui minimizes dissolved oxygen. Silo and feeding system, reasonable feeding design (constant current, constant pressure, no foam), usually in high tank feeding form.
Reasonable structure of the silo system (with exhaust, full seal, temperature measurement), medium and high speed line to cancel the large cylinder, liquid distributor instead, can achieve a thorough CIP pressure cleaning. Sanitary filling head system, umbrella flow structure, filling speed, can meet the full filling and sanitary requirements of the filling head. Perfect thermal filling temperature control system. The reflux tank system is provided with automatic start - up outgoing feed.
Perfect CIP cleaning system.