Liquid daily chemical products production line
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Liquid daily chemical products production line

product parameters: The system fully considers the characteristics of beverage products (such as tea beverage and mixed fruit juice beverage easy foaming) and the main technical requirements of hot filling.
Product Detail

Rxgfh60-60-15 liquid daily chemicalproducts production line details:

Rxgfh60-60-15 model PET bottle tri-junctionmachine is a domestic advanced hot filling production line, which integrateswashing, filling and sealing. Based on advanced foreign technology,rxgfh60-60-15 model PET bottle tri-junction machine is a domestic advanced hotfilling production line developed and designed by ourselves according to therequirements of hot filling technology of tea, fruit juice and other beverages.1. During the working process, the bottle is transferred to the bottle punchingmachine of the triad machine by the bottle star wheel through the air conveyingchannel. A bottle clip is installed on the rotary table of the bottle punchingmachine. The bottle clip holds the bottle mouth and turns 180° along a guiderail to make the bottle mouth downward. In the specific area of the bottlepunching machine, the nozzle on the bottle holder spurts out the bottle waterto flush the inner wall of the bottle. After rinsing and draining, the bottlewill be turned over 180° along the guide rail under the holder, so that thebottle mouth will be upward. The washed bottle is exported by the bottlepuncher via the star wheel and transferred to the filling machine. The bottleentering the filling machine is held by the bottle neck holder. The fillingvalve is lowered and raised by the valve lifting mechanism under the action ofCAM. Filling by pressure filling method. After the filling valve drops andtouches the bottle mouth, it is opened to complete the filling process. Afterthe filling is finished, the filling valve rises and leaves the bottle mouth,and the bottle enters the capping machine through the transfer wheel of thebottleneck. The stop knife on the capping machine can jam the bottleneck,keeping the bottle upright and preventing rotation. The capping head keepsrevolution and rotation on the capping machine, and under the action of theCAM, the capping, capping and capping can be realized, and the whole cappingprocess is completed. The finished bottle is transferred from the cappingmachine to the bottle delivery chain through the bottle release roller, andthen to the triad and one machine. 1) the machine has compact structure,perfect control system, convenient operation and high degree of automation; 2)changing the shape of the bottle can be realized by replacing the star wheeland the arc guide plate; 3) parts in contact with materials are made of 316L,no dead corner, easy to clean; 4) high precision, high speed quantitativefilling valve, accurate liquid level without liquid loss, to ensure the fillingprocess requirements; 5) the sealing head adopts magnetic constant torquedevice to ensure the quality of the sealing and avoid damage to the bottle cap;6) adopt an efficient lid-off system with perfect self-control and protectiondevice; 7) adopt CIP cleaning system of * to ensure that the whole machinefilling system is clean to meet the requirements of hot filling process; 8) thefilling system adopts the card bottleneck technology throughout the wholeprocess to avoid the secondary pollution of the bottle mouth; 9) equipped witha perfect overload protection device, which can effectively protect the safetyof equipment and operators; 10) the control system has the functions ofproduction speed control, lid missing detection, bottle self-stop and outputcounting; 11) the main electrical components and pneumatic components adoptworld famous products; 12) the machine adopts advanced touch screen control,which can realize man-machine dialogue operation.

Technical characteristics

Full filling prevents collapse of bottleafter cooling, and zui minimizes dissolved oxygen.

Silo and feeding system, reasonable feedingdesign (constant current, constant pressure, no foam), usually in high tankfeeding form.

Reasonable structure of the silo system(with exhaust, full seal, temperature measurement), medium and high speed lineto cancel the large cylinder, liquid distributor instead, can achieve athorough CIP pressure cleaning.

Sanitary filling head system, umbrella flowstructure, filling speed, can meet the full filling and sanitary requirementsof the filling head.

Perfect thermal filling temperature controlsystem.

The reflux tank system is provided withautomatic start - up outgoing feed.

Perfect CIP cleaning system.