WJG72-72-60-50-10aseptic cold filling
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WJG72-72-60-50-10aseptic cold filling

product parameters: Produced * 36,000 bottles per hour, reaching the world's advanced aseptic cold filling beverage production line, and successfully put into production at one time.
Product Detail
WJG72-72-60-50-1WJG72-72-60-50-10 aseptic cold filling details:
Apply to drink
Suitable for filling sensitive products with high requirements for freshness
Processing produces beverages with a pH of 3 to 7, including fiber, pulp, or certain grains
System design concept
Design PET aseptic cold filling system according to international advanced concept of zui
The key parts of aseptic filling adopt isolation cover
Select zui optimal disinfectant suitable for this system to sterilize bottles
The finished product is isolated from the surrounding environment, and the processing is conducted under completely aseptic conditions
Aseptic capping machine makes capping package more sanitary
Equipment components
Aseptic machine
Select zui optimal disinfectant suitable for this system to disinfect bottles
Bottle washer
The washing of the bottle and removal of residual fluid are accomplished by sterile water nozzle
Filling machine
Quick filling with zero contact
Constant volume filling system is equipped with flow sensing detection
Cap disinfection
The bottle cap is sterilized by soaking with disinfectant
Aseptic capping machine
The non-lubricated bearing structure is adopted in the design of the structural parts outside the bottle mouth area to improve the sanitary conditions
Process control and report recording
Asepsis monitoring was conducted in all key parts of the production line
The main control unit controls all process steps
Product process control
Preparation of sterile water and sterile air
Multivariate chemical index
CIP/SIP/COP synchronization
Ventilation techniques in isolation areas
Aseptic filling linkage system