Aseptic cold filling machine
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Aseptic cold filling machine

product parameters: Aseptic cold filling machine is suitable for filling sensitive products with high freshness requirements to produce beverages with a pH of 3 to 7, including fiber, pulp or certain grains.
Product Detail
Aseptic cold filling machine details:
1. Aseptic cold filling machine adopts aseptic filling technology of medium-high speed PET bottle, which has wide product applicability. For high acid products and low acid products, the sterilization efficiency of the whole system can reach 5D or 6D. Sterilization technology is divided into wet sterilization, dry sterilization and electron beam sterilization, used for bottle, cover and other packaging materials and environment sterilization. The sterile zone is realized by means of isolator, and the graded clean space inside the unit is maintained by positive pressure.
2. Components of aseptic cold filling machine:
(1) sterilizing machine: select high-quality disinfectant suitable for this system to disinfect bottles;
(2) bottle washing machine: wash the bottle and remove the residual liquid through the sterile water nozzle;
(3) filling machine: quick filling with zero contact, constant volume filling system equipped with flow sensing detection;
(4) bottle cap disinfection: the bottle cap is sterilized by soaking with disinfectant;
(5) aseptic capping machine: non-lubricated bearing structure is adopted in the design of structural parts outside the bottle mouth area to improve sanitary conditions. Asepsis monitoring is conducted in all key links of the production line, and the main control unit controls all process steps.