18 t/h material sterilizer -- beverage
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18 t/h material sterilizer -- beverage

product parameters: The materials after mixing should be sterilized before filling. Thermal sterilization is a common process.
Product Detail

GUHTR1818 t/h material sterilizer --beverage details:

The materials after mixing should besterilized before filling. Thermal sterilization is a common process.Ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization (UHT) can be selectedaccording to different product characteristics, subsequent matching fillingprocess and different shelf life, which is usually heated to more than 130℃ forseveral seconds.

The forms of heat exchangers are platetype, line type, bellows type. For products containing pulpy particles or highviscosity, a tube heat exchanger must be used to prevent clogging. At the sametime, the pressure capacity of the tube heat exchanger is also stronger.

For cloudy or milky juice drinks, werecommend tube UHT; For juice drinks, plate UHT can be used.

Smooth operation of the equipment - lowfailure rate, high degree of automation, CIP, SIP and other processes areautomatically controlled to avoid misoperation.

The overall structure is beautiful - theequipment is mounted on the stainless steel frame with adjustable supportinglegs.

System structure health - components incontact with materials are high quality stainless steel, not easy to scale.Part of the equipment is equipped with protective net, protective sealingplate, etc. to improve the operation safety of the equipment.

* heat exchanger design -- simple andpractical, the tube can be changed between the outer casing shell and the innercasing tube bundle to achieve free thermal expansion design, stresselimination; It also has great advantages over plate heat exchangers in termsof maintenance costs.

Equipped with CIP cleaning function --separate CIP cleaning function, easy to use and with acid and alkali recoveryfunction, can greatly save cleaning agent.

Material recovery function - can be used torecover the liquid, greatly reduce the loss of liquid.