6000 bottles/hour (5L) PET bottle cooking oil production line
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6000 bottles/hour (5L) PET bottle cooking oil production line

product parameters: The servo system is applied for synchronous control to realize the integrated control and production of multiple units and equipment, so as to improve the production efficiency of the whole line
Product Detail
Cgx6-32-66,000 bottles/hour (5L) of PET bottled cooking oil production line details:
CGX6-32-6 blow to filling and spin machine "filling bottle blowing unit" and "unit" and "screw cap unit" as the foundation, through the light, machine, electricity, gas, etc. The comprehensive application of multiple disciplines, the application of servo system for synchronous control, realize the integration of multiple unit equipment control and the production, improve the efficiency of the whole line of production, to reduce the cost of investment, reduce energy consumption, and equipment maintenance costs.
Feed and feed: the billets are transferred from the feed hopper to the winder, and the billets are automatically arranged into the star wheel and fed into the heating zone. The process of preforming is fully controlled automatically and the preforming efficiency is high without damaging the preforming.
Heating machine heating: load the good bottle preform by reversible spindle, spindle turn along the variable acceleration guide will bottle preform turn smoothly for bottle down billet body up state, the state is zui for insulation protection of bottle threaded portion zui conditions, process, at the same time, carrying the bottle preform of the spindle in the revolution of the chain drive in the uniform rotation, uniform through the outer heating lamp box and the inside of the cooling system, the system is equipped with 9 infrared heating tube, make the whole bottle preform zui process temperature.
Bottle blowing unit: a special manipulator along a certain CAM curve to transfer the heated bottle billet to the mold, the bottle billet is pre-blown by stretching, and then into the high pressure gas zui finally blown into the bottle. Special manipulator along a certain CAM curve will be made of the bottle blowing outward.
Filling unit: the blown bottle is transferred to the filling machine through the transition wheel. The bottle entering the filling machine is held by the bottle clip on the lifting cylinder, and under the action of the CAM, the bottle can rise and fall. The filling machine adopts gravity filling method, the bottle mouth rises and opens the filling valve to start filling, and the filling ends when the material rises to the position of blocking the back hole. After the filling, the mouth of the bottle drops off the filling valve.
Capping unit: the bottle enters the capping machine through the transition wheel. The stop knife on the capping machine can jam the bottleneck, keeping the bottle upright and preventing rotation. The capping head keeps revolution and rotation on the capping machine, and under the action of the CAM, the capping, capping and capping can be realized, and the whole capping process is completed. The finished bottle is transferred from the capping machine to the bottle delivery chain through the bottle release roller, and from the delivery chain to the three-in-one filling machine.
Application: due to the excellent technical performance and high automation of 5L blowing and pouring, technicians have upgraded and innovated the technology, making it not only applicable to the field of bottled water, but also able to meet the urgent demand of edible oil enterprises for product automation. Cgx6-32-6 blowing and filling can meet the requirements of cooking oil enterprises for blowing and weighing 6000 bottles/hour of 5LPET bottled soybean oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil and other oil products. Its advantages are: small footprint, simple operation, low energy consumption, stable and efficient, low operating cost, more reliable quality assurance.