36,000 vials/h (500ml) all-in-one air blower/instillator
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36,000 vials/h (500ml) all-in-one air blower/instillator

product parameters: The servo system is applied for synchronous control to realize the integrated control and production of multiple units and equipment, so as to improve the production efficiency of the whole line
Product Detail
DCGX20M-108-2036000 vials/h (500ml) all-in-one air blower/irrigator
DCGX20M - 108-20 PET bottle filling and blowing rotary machine integrating bottle, filling and capping system, by the bottle after bottle blowing machines, blow out, by a few wheel transmitted to the filling machine, enter the filling machine covered bottle to keep a bottle by the bell jar, the cylinder under the action of the bottle up and filling valve pressure seal, in the process of rise, automatically detect whether there is a bottle, like a bottle, the open valve start filling process, began after filling the bottle of gas injection pressure, when the liquid level reaches back to the trachea highly automatic stop filling. After the filling, the filling valve is closed under the action of the valve closing mechanism, and then exhaust gas, ending the whole filling process. The lifting cylinder drops under the action of the CAM, so that the bottle filled with good materials leaves the filling valve, and the bottle is transferred into the capping machine through the transition roller. The stop knife on the capping machine can jam the bottleneck, keeping the bottle upright and preventing rotation. The capping head keeps revolution and rotation on the capping machine, and under the action of the CAM, the capping, capping and capping can be realized, and the whole capping process is completed. The finished bottle is transferred from the capping machine to the bottle delivery chain through the bottle release roller, and the two-in-one machine is transferred from the delivery chain.
Application: mainly used in the production and filling of gas-containing soda water, coke, Sprite, mirinda, fanta, jianlibao, etc.