The second meeting of the fourth session of the sub-technical committee on liquor and beverage machi

The second meeting of the fourth session of the sub-technical committee on liquor and beverage machinery was successfully held
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December 14-15, the national light industry machinery standardization technical committee liquor and beverage machinery sub-technical committee of the fourth session and industry standards review meeting was held in zhangjiagang. Vice chairman and secretary general of China light industrial machinery association and chairman of the current sub-committee wang xin, director of guangzhou institute of mechanical design pan yonggang, secretary general of the national technical committee for the standardization of light industrial machinery zhang weimin, more than 60 members and representatives of the committee attended the meeting.
Yong-gang pan speech said that the implementation of the central committee about constructing innovative GUO GUO affairs court house, vigorously implement the strategy of standard, general requirements, surrounding wine beverage machinery science and technology innovation and development of new situation and new requirements, further unified thought, raise awareness, clear tasks and standardization research how to better promote wine beverage machinery development, further efforts to promote wine beverage machinery standardization work to a new level.
Wang xin made a keynote speech on the role of standardization in the transformation and upgrading of light industry. Let participants have a clear direction and motivation for the standardization work, better play the role of standardization in the light industry upgrading.
Zhu xingan, deputy general manager, delivered a welcome speech, which reflected the importance the enterprise attaches to the standardization work, expressed the determination and confidence to make concerted efforts with industry colleagues to promote the standardization construction, and conveyed the era proposition of cooperative development and win-win future.
LuoRuiJing committee secretariat report 2018 board of work summary and the balance of the 2017 annual financial report, and in 2019 work plan on, and put forward at the meeting in the fourth session of national light industry machinery standardization technical committee wine beverage points of the technical committee members vote to do a small amount of adjustment, the meeting unanimously.
14th and 15th in the afternoon, experts and members respectively the furfural distillation tower, the beverage machinery polyester (PET) bottles of wind conveyer, the wine bottle beverage machinery (tank), conveyor, "wine beverage machinery sterile water sterilization machine" four industry standard of review, the review after the examination and approval by the secretariat on organization, submitted to the state industrial informationization department approved the release.
The whole conference in a harmonious and warm atmosphere successfully concluded the curtain, also heralds a New Year, a year of struggle, is coming. Let us be full of confidence, full of energy, promote the standardization of the industry to achieve greater results, promote the high-quality development of the light industry!
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