The company has won three awards from the China federation of suppliers and suppliers

Recently, the 30th anniversary conference and annual meeting of China food and packaging machinery industry association, the 8th Asian food equipment forum, and the annual meeting of China food science and technology association food machinery branch were grandly held in zhengzhou. During the session, the conference commended the units and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to China's food equipment industry over the past three decades. By virtue of its steady development and excellent brand influence, the company was awarded the "enterprise award for 30 years' contribution to China's food equipment industry". At the same time, chairman he debing and vice chairman he yuntao won the honorary title of "special contribution to China's food equipment for 30 years" and "leading figure of China's food equipment for 30 years" respectively.
(drink) as a domestic high-end liquid packaging machinery industry leading enterprises, the company from scratch, since the childhood, never forget to beginner's mind, self-motivated, through technical innovation, product extension, pattern innovation, management innovation, marketing fission different dimensions, such as to achieve the revolution and sustained development of the enterprise, and work together with industry enterprises to enhance the level of industry, optimize the industrial structure, realize the transformation and upgrading, improve industry competitiveness.
In recent years, with the promotion of made in China 2025, the demand for automation, intelligence and integrated equipment in China's food and beverage industry is increasing day by day. High efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection, humanized intelligent production line, intelligent logistics, intelligent factory is undoubtedly an important link in the industrial chain and the future development direction. Company to seize opportunities, try to go forward, speed up to promote digital and intelligent as the main characteristics of the industrial upgrading, to vigorously develop the green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, constantly enhance the level of food and beverage production intelligent, intelligent control, optimizing production process to help clients build intelligent and digital factory, meet the Internet industry, big data and cloud computing intelligent production environment and the needs of the development of high quality equipment.
In the current and future development, the company with the support of the association, under the collaboration of industry partners, will make persistent efforts, aiming at the international food and packaging machinery industry development trend of the accurate, actively promote industry entered a stage of comprehensive high quality development, to promote China's food equipment industry friendly and harmonious development.
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