Super all-in-one hits the CBST2019

Beverage packaging, the company has been focusing on innovation, constantly beyond. On November 18th, Shanghai new international expo center N2 hall 2C01 booth, the company's super all-in-one machine wonderful appearance, with the level of appearance, temperament, self-control, shocked the audience. The equipment integrates four modules of blowing, labeling, filling and capping, and is suitable for PET bottles of 200-2500 ml. The production capacity of the new CBST2019 model can reach 53,000 bottles per hour to meet the high quality production demand of different products such as water, beverages, condiments and dairy products.
From the first generation of rotary bottle blowing machine project research and development, to a light 36000 bottles/hour bottle blowing the birth of the spinning machine, and then to the success of the super all-in-one development, the company has always been accurate grasp the key and main direction of industrial development, give play to the role of innovation main body, increase investment in research and development, key breakthrough in the field of high-end technological frontier, enhance the quality of innovation motivation, competitiveness and brand influence.
Aiming at the development trend of equipment integration, integration, economy, convenience and intelligence, the company has built a super all-in-one solution with new technology and excellent performance through independent innovation, collaborative innovation and open innovation on the basis of years of research and development accumulation.
At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are in the making. The trend of digitalization, networking and intelligentization in manufacturing industry is developing vigorously. As the main focus of China's manufacturing industry, intelligent manufacturing is constantly making breakthroughs in new technologies and giving birth to new forms of business. The advent of super all-in-one machine is not only a piece of charm created by ingenuity, but also a fruit of the era of focusing on high-end manufacturing and promoting intelligent manufacturing. It is another tool to help customers build ideal factories, which will promote the technological progress of the industry, enhance industrial competitiveness, and promote the construction of a manufacturing power.
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