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Yimiele the China liquid (beverage) packaging machinery industry professional excellent equipment supplier. Jiangsu   Yimiele packaging machinery co. LTD is located in zhangjiagang economic and technological development zone. The company currently covers an area of about 15,000 square meters, close to wuxi sunan international airport, wuxi high-speed railway station, Shanghai hongqiao international airport, Shanghai pudong international airport, nanjing lukou international airport, hangzhou xiaoshan international airport, convenient transportation.
Since its establishment, the company has gathered more than 120 top technical talents in the liquid (beverage) industry, covering three fields of machinery, process and self-control. Participated in the Coca-Cola, yili group, treasure, yanghe, yanjing, zhengda, zero fruit fang, materia medica biological, zhongfu, happy family, xing source holdings, fucheng dairy, yangquan, tinkling cow, tracel mansion, high JiFeng, tahe, strontium, water fountain, the optimal, east fu dragon, always create, pei yue, full crown, and many other projects the whole process of design, manufacture, installation, training, etc, has accumulated rich experience! Also is the cooperation supplier of krones! In addition, it also maintains close cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutions and professional institutions. At the beginning of its establishment, the company established the business direction for beverage, daily chemical, seasoning, alcohol and other liquid packaging machinery fields. We actively advocate the principle of combining the introduction of innovation and independent innovation, and drive the sustainable development of the company through continuous management and technological innovation!
All staff will unswervingly adhere to the "customer-centric, strider-oriented, long-term hard work" spirit of enterprise, focus on providing customers at home and abroad with "safe, energy-saving, efficient" liquid (beverage) equipment and "quality personalized" turnkey engineering services! Since its establishment, the company has successfully provided high-quality equipment and perfect service for numerous liquid (beverage) factories at home and abroad, and its products have been exported to the United States, France, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, India and other countries and regions in the world.
Accompanied by the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In the face of the great challenges and development opportunities in the liquid (beverage) packaging industry, to become a globally competitive liquid (beverage) packaging solutions supplier "dream. We are committed to providing comprehensive and professional solutions for global liquid (beverage) factories, focusing on customers, and creating value for global customers continuously!
The company will always take "revitalize national liquid (beverage) packaging machinery" as its own responsibility, and strive to become a global liquid packaging solutions supplier. Together with you packaging a better future!